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Water supply, Ink supply and Imprinting Failure of the Printing Machine

Aug. 23, 2019

As a High Precision Printing Machine Manufacturer, let's talk about the water supply, ink supply and imprinting problems of the Printing Machine.

(1) Water supply part

Water supply devices can generally be divided into the indirect water supply and direct water supply. No matter which method is used to supply water, the purpose is to fully wet the printing plate and maintain the balance of ink and water. The specific manifestation of various faults is: the partial deviation of the water makes the ink color tarnish, the gray color is dull, the ink color is not full, and the ink emulsification occurs in severe cases; when the water volume is too small, the printing plate can not be fully wetted, resulting in graphic deformation, Unclear and other phenomena. The specific elimination method can be adjusted according to the structure of the water supply mechanism and the function of each component.

If the operation of the water bucket baffle motor or the nozzle solenoid valve can be checked, whether the pressure between the water transfer roller, the water roller, the plate roller, and the plate roller is normal, the pressure at both ends of the water roller must be determined. To adjust to the balance position. Normally, the water roller and the water nozzle should be cleaned in time to check the pressure between the water rollers.

High Precision Printing Machine

High Precision Printing Machine

(2) Ink supply part

The ink supply mechanism of the High Precision Printing Machine consists of an ink fountain roller, an ink transfer roller, a tandem roller, and an ink roller. Common faults include insufficient ink supply, large ink supply, and unstable ink supply. The above faults can be eliminated by checking the operation of the ink fountain roller and the ink nails and whether the pressure between the ink rollers is normal. When adjusting the ink roller, it should be adjusted to check whether the balance of each rubber roller is consistent. At the same time, it must be ensured that the pressure of the ink roller is moderate, and the ink roller and the ink discharge roller are well matched. Keep the ink absorption of the printing plate evenly, and avoid the inconsistency between the front and back of the ink color of the printed product to a large extent, and carefully check whether the surface of the offset rubber roller is smooth and smooth, whether there is a big hard injury such as indentation, scratch or usual glue. Poor adjustment causes local conjunctiva and crystallization. Due to the large temperature difference between winter and summer, the pressure can be appropriately increased in winter during adjustment, and the pressure can be appropriately reduced in summer.

(3) Embossed part

The embossed part is the core part of the Carton Box Printing Machine printing unit, and it is also an accurate part of the design and manufacture. The general manufacturer does not allow the user to adjust the pressure and other parts. Printing pressure is an important factor in the completion of ink transfer and transfer during the printing process. Moderate printing pressure is a reliable guarantee for the printed layout, text, and pattern of the printed product, the text is not deformed, and the ink color is uniform. The fault phenomenon mainly includes faint ink color, unclear dot, and text distortion. The reason is that the ink transfer is not sufficient, or because the blanket loses its elasticity or the lining is too small, as long as the new blanket is replaced or the thickness of the lining is appropriately increased.