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How To Reduce Environmental Pollution During Printing?

Dec. 19, 2018

Today's social and economic development has made people's awareness of environmental protection higher and higher. From the printing design before the mechanical printing of the carton to the printing process to the post-press processing, the concept of green printing runs through the entire printing process, which will put some pressure on the environment. How to reduce or even avoid printing pollution has become a problem that many printers need to consider. In the printing process, the way to reduce pollution is nothing more than printing materials, printing machinery and printing technology.

1. Vigorously develop environmentally friendly inks

Green printing ink. It is composed of pure natural materials, with good fluidity, good dryness and good adhesion. An ink with bright color and good transparency. The most important types of inks are water-based inks, Uv inks and water-based Uv inks. The biggest difference between water-based inks and solvent-based inks is that the solvents used in water-based inks are water and ethanol. The vocal content is extremely low, which not only completely eliminates the harmful effects of certain harmful substances in solvent-based inks, but also improves the overall environmental quality. It is the preferred ink for business card printing.

UV-curable ink (Uv ink for short) is a photocurable ink that can be changed from liquid to solid and solvent-free under a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light. Uv ink has the characteristics of fast curing speed, green environmental protection and good printing quality. Uv ink contains no solvent, no solvent volatilization, no pollution to the environment; post-printed paper can be recycled and reused. It reduces resource waste, and is considered as environmentally-friendly carton machinery products with almost zero pollutant emissions. The reputation of environmentally friendly "green" products.

At present, the general development direction of ink is toward water-based environmentally friendly inks, solvent-free light-curing inks, special environmentally-friendly inks adapted to different new materials, and the development of reduced-volume, high-performance inks that lead to nanomaterials.

2. Develop environmentally friendly flexo printing technology

Flexo is recognized as one of the best and most promising ways of printing. On the one hand, it is widely adaptable and economical. It can be used not only as a book printing and photo book printing technology, but also as a printing leaflet. Or a more important aspect of brochures and other promotional prints, the use of water-based inks for flexo printing, good printability and excellent environmental performance, just in line with the development trend of green packaging machinery in modern packaging printing. Flexo printing has developed rapidly in developed countries such as Europe and America due to its good printing quality, wide printing materials, low investment, high output and good environmental performance. In the United States, flexo has even been referred to as "packaging printing."

3. Develop waterless offset printing technology

Alcohol vapor is a serious cause of health hazards in the printing plant, and alcohol can pollute the environment. Since the use of alcohol in printing technology, people have been exploring ways to eliminate the use of alcohol. The waterless offset printing technology eliminates the alcoholic fountain solution. It is more important for environmental protection. At present, there is not much application of waterless offset printing. However, considering environmental protection, new technologies, new materials and new processes that are beneficial to the environment will have great development prospects in the future, especially with the development of digital printing technology. Waterless offset printing will eventually become an important choice.

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