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Die-cutting Machine Expert Analyzes The Characteristics Of High-quality Die-cutting Knife 1

Jun. 04, 2019

With the rapid development of the machine tool grinding industry, high-quality die-cutting machine knives are increasingly applied to all walks of life. So the characteristics of high-quality die-cutting knives, we as a Sheet Board Pasting Machine Supplier, summarize the following.

The high-quality die-cutting knife has four characteristics, specifically the selection of high-quality steel, excellent heat treatment, high precision, and deep surface carbon removal treatment.

First, the selection of high-quality steel

It is understood that the steel molecular structure is tight, the blade body is given soft resistance, there is not much rebound after bending, and the molecular structure still adheres to the strict connection. When selecting high-quality steel, we can consider the resistance of the tool.

Creasing And Die Cutting Machine

Second, excellent heat treatment

The die cutter can be adjusted to different hardness according to the different needs of the customer, and the blade body is softened to facilitate the twisting and the blade is hardened and used.

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