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Die-cutting Machine Expert Analyzes The Characteristics Of High-quality Die-cutting Knife 2

Jun. 13, 2019

Sheet Board Pasting Machine Supplier continues to share the characteristics of high quality die cutters.

Third, extremely high precision

The higher the precision of the die cutter, the shorter the pressure regulating the time of the die cutter, the lower the mechanical wear, the faster the production speed, and the better the die cutting effect. In particular, the die-cutting of the self-adhesive trademark, the precision-free die-cutting knife is not qualified at all.

Fourth, the deep appearance of carbon removal treatment

The brittle carbon molecules are removed from the surface of the die cutter so that the blade is not bent when the blade is bent, and the blade is broken. It resembles a layer of soft leather to wrap the blade, making it easier to form a zigzag.

Paper Die Cutting Machine

The selection of die cutters should be selected according to three criteria:

(1) Is production a long version?

(2) Whether customer demand is high.

(3) Is the die-cut picture cluttered?

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