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Die-cutting And Creasing Machine For Printing And Packaging Industry

Mar. 18, 2019

Die-cutting And Creasing Machine is a special equipment for pressing and cutting all kinds of cardboard, corrugated board, plastic sheet and leather products. It is widely used in the printing, packaging and plastics industry.

The main risk of the die-cutting and creasing machine is that it may cause mechanical damage. The dangerous area is between the movable part of the die-cutting creasing machine and the fixed formwork. This area is prone to bruises on the fingers, palms, arms, and even deaths. It is divided into Manual Creasing Machine and automatic creasing machine.

The die-cutting and creasing machine is an electric device, and the outer casing is made of a conductive metal material, and there is a risk of electric shock.

The safety device on the original machine of the die-cutting and creasing machine is not enough to better protect the personal safety of the operator. To ensure the safety of the operator of the creasing machine, the following 6 intact safety devices are required:

1. Triangle limit switch: Installed near the waist and hand position, the mold is stopped under the pressure of the hand, which is the most common safety protection device for the die-cutting and creasing machine.

2. Hand push rod limit switch: Installed on the top of the device, in front of the person's head, when the hand pushes the safety device, the creasing machine stops moving immediately.

3. Operation handle: When the operation handle is pressed down, or press the red stop button above, the die-cutting and creasing machine will stop immediately.

4. Foot protection switch: Two boards of the foot protection switch, any one foot leaves the pedal, the machine stops running, which improves the safety of the operator.

5. Emergency stop switch: The general random device is installed on the counter, which is a red button. If the machine is pressed in an emergency, it can stop running immediately.

6. Grounding wire and leakage protection switch.

Manual Automatic Die Cutting And Creasing Machine ZHMY-2100